Lisa has been a prolific audio drama director for 15 years – working predominantly with audio company Big Finish. Amongst the productions she’s directed are: Sapphire & Steel, Blake’s 7,  13 series of Jago & Litefoot, several adaptations of H G Wells novels, 4 series of Graceless (also broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra)  as well as many Doctor Who Companion Chronicles, Short Trips, Lost Stories and Early Adventures.

More recent work has included four episodes of Torchwood, and a full cast adaptation of The War of The Worlds – entitled The Coming of the Martians, starring Colin Morgan & Ronald Pickup – for Sherwood Sound Studios.


(For Big Finish Productions)

Doctor Who:  Short Trips


The Tomorrow People

Sapphire & Steel


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Bernice Summerfield

Doctor Who: Companion Chronicles

Doctor Who: The Lost Stories

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures

Doctor Who


Jago & Litefoot

Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles

Blake’s 7: Full Cast

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