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(For Big Finish Productions)

Tomorrow People:

Spiritus MundiSpiritus Mundi

Sapphire & Steel:

Cruel ImmortalityCruel Immortality
Remember MeRemember Me
Perfect DayPerfect Day

Drama Showcase:

104-unintelligentdesign_cover_mediumUnintelligent Design

Bernice Summerfield:

bs804_endoftheworld_big_cover_mediumThe End of the World
bs_the_adolescence_of_time_cover_mediumThe Adolescence of Time

Doctor Who: Companion Chronicles:

301-heretherebemonsters_cover_mediumHere There Be Monsters
The Doll of DeathThe Doll Of Death
Home TruthsHome Truths
The Prisoner's DilemmaThe Prisoners Dilemma
The Mahogany MurderersThe Mahogany Murderers
The Stealers From SaiphThe Stealers From Saiph
the-drowned-world-477The Drowned World
The Pyralis EffectThe Pyralis Effect
The SufferingThe Suffering
The Emperor of EternityThe Emperor of Eternity
Shadow of the PastShadow of the Past
NIght's Black AgentsNight’s Black Agents
The Guardian of the Solar SystemThe Guardian of the Solar System
Echoes of GreyEchoes of Grey
Find and ReplaceFind and Replace
The Invasion of E-SpaceThe Invasion of E-Space
A Town Called FortuneA Town Called Fortune
The Perpetual BondThe Perpetual Bond
The Forbidden TimeThe Forbidden Time
The Sentinels of the New DawnThe Sentinels of the New Dawn
Ferril's FollyFerril’s Folly
The Cold EquationsThe Cold Equations
Tales From The VaultTales from the Vault
The Rocket MenThe Rocket Men
The Memory Cheats
The Many Deaths of Jo GrantThe Many Deaths of Jo Grant
The First WaveThe First Wave
The Selachian GambitThe Selachian Gambit
The WandererThe Wanderer
The Jigsaw WarThe Jigsaw War
The Time MuseumThe Time Museum
The Uncertainty PrincipleThe Uncertainty Principle
The Last PostThe Last Post
Return of The Rocket MenReturn of The Rocketmen
The Flames of CadizThe Flames of Cadiz
House of CardsHouse of Cards
The Library of AlexandriaThe Library of Alexandria
The Apocalypse MirrorThe Apocalypse Mirror
Council of WarCouncil of War
The SpecialsThe Specials
The AlchemistsThe Alchemists
The BeginningThe Beginning
The Dying LightThe Dying Light
Luna RomanaLuna Romana
808-sleeping-city_cover_mediumThe Sleeping City
the-war-to-end-all-wars_cover_mediumThe War To End All Wars
Elixir of DoomThe Elixir of Doom
Second ChancesSecond Chances
dwcc09_cover_1417sq_cover_mediumFirst Doctor Set (4 eps)

Doctor Who: Lost Stories

Doctor Who: The First Doctor Box SetFarewell Great Macedon
The Second Doctor Box SetPrison In Space/Daleks – The Destroyers
The Masters of LuxorThe Masters of Luxor
The RosemarinersThe Rosemariners
Mission To MagnusMission To Magnus
The Queen of TimeThe Queen of Time
Lords Of The Red PlanetLords of The Red Planet

Doctor Who: Early Adventures

The Bounty of CeresThe Bounty of Ceres
20150521122752bfpdwea05_the_yes_men_cover_mediumThe Yes Men

Doctor Who:

A Thousand Tiny WingsA Thousand Tiny Wings
The Destroyer of DelightsThe Destoyer of Delights
The Chaos PoolThe Chaos Pool


Graceless 1Series 1
Graceless 2Series 2
Graceless 3Series 3

Jago & Litefoot:

jl1-3d_cover_mediumSeries One
jl2-3d_cover_mediumSeries Two
jl3-3d_cover_mediumSeries Three
jl4-3d_cover_mediumSeries Four
jl5a-3d_cover_mediumSeries Five
jl6-3d_cover_mediumSeries Six
Jago & Litefoot S7 Series Seven
Jago & Litefoot S8Series Eight
jago_litefoot_9_boxset_3d_cover_mediumSeries Nine

Blake’s 7:Liberator Chronicles

b7boxset13d_cover_mediumLiberator Chronicles 1 (Trilogy)
b7boxset23d_cover_mediumLiberator Chronicles 2 (Trilogy)
b73dboxset4_cover_mediumLiberator Chronicles 4 (Trilogy)
b73dboxset5_cover_mediumLiberator Chronicles 5 (Two of Trilogy)
Liberator Chronicles 7Liberator Chronicles 7 (Two of Trilogy)
Liberator Chronicles 8Liberator Chronicles 8 (Two of Trilogy)
Liberator Chronicles 9Liberator Chronicles 9 (Two of Trilogy)
Liberators Chronicles 10Liberator Chronicles 10 (Two of Trilogy)
bfpb7box11_liberator_chronicles_11_3d_cover_mediumLiberator Chronicles 11(Two of Trilogy)

Blake’s 7: Full Cast

B7 - ScimitarScimitar
b7-bigfinishtruthlies_cover_mediumTruth & Lies

Stargate: SGI:

20120503160648bfsg1-s3-slipcover_cover_mediumSeries 3 – Part One (Trilogy)
20120704120041bfsg1-s3-2-slipcover_cover_mediumSeries 3 – Part Two (Trilogy)

Black Library/Warhammer:

Garro-Oath-of-MomentGarro:Oath of Moment
legion-of-oneGarro: Legion of One
Ravens-FlightRaven’s Flight
Madness-WithinMadness Within
Helion-RainHelion Rain
Heart-of-RageHeart of Rage
Waiting-DeathWaiting Death
Throne-of-LiesThrone of Lies
audio-sigilliteThe Sigillite
Dead In The WaterDead In The Water