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Spotlight Headshots

I’ve never been one for ‘mission statements’ – so hope the work here will speak for itself. The only thing I would say, is that I know (from experience) that most actors detest having their photos taken… I hope my approach will suit all those who think the same. The onus to get it right is mine not yours…!

Una Chaplin
Sakuntala Ramanee
Jeany Spark
Tim Block

Catherine Tate
Nick Frost
 Vera Jakob
Francesca Binefa  

Carrie Sutton
Matt Smith
Katy Manning
Eddie Marsan

Matthew Sweet
Edward de Souza
Katie Warren
David Warner


40 – 50 Shots  –  £190

Contact sheets will be emailed or Dropboxed.

A choice of 7 shots to be high resolution and fully retouched. As well as colour, they will also be converted to black and white.

Extra HiRes shots – £10 each.

(Student rate also available)


Based near Redhill, Surrey – about 1/2hr. on train from Victoria. Pick up from station.

Only outdoor shots (in a private garden – not in a public park!) If the weather’s bad we re-arrange for a different day.

Working actress & photographer for over 25 years.